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PermaFrames Are For All Your Loved Ones -- Including Pets

Pay a Visual Tribute to your Pet! There is no sweeter reminder of your years together than to place your favorite pet photograph at his or her gravesite.

Pet Lovers have discovered PermaFrames & PermaPorcelains to be the ideal tribute to their departed companions. An engraved Symbol or Sentiment – either Standard or Custom – can add that special personalized touch to the PermaFrame or PermaPair cover you add to your PermaPorcelain.

Size: 3-5/8'' x 4-5/8'' ó Style: FR2

Your friend, always there to comfort, play or be a companion.
Your expression of love to your very special friend.

Size: 3-3/8'' x 4-1/2'' ó Style: FO1

Keep memories alive......

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