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Style: FO1 or FO2
Finish: Gold
Style: FO1 or FO2
Finish: Graystone
Style: FO1 or FO2
Finish: Bronze
Style FR 2
Finish: White

Style and Finish Examples:

Style FO 1:
Actual Size is 3-3/8 x 4-1/2"
Finish choice: Gold, Graystone, Bronze or White

Style FO 2:
Actual Size is 4-1/2 x 6"
Finish choice: Gold, Graystone, Bronze or White

Style FR 2:
Actual Size is 3-5/8" x 4-5/8"
Finish choice: Gold, Graystone, Bronze or White

Please note: Frames shown are not actual size.

  • A Variety of Ways to Express Your Love
  • PermaFrames come in three styles and a choice of finishes: Bronze, Graystone, Gold and White. All frames can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • PermaFrame maintains a wide choice of the most frequently used Emblems. Religious, Fraternal and other Popular Subjects, which can be Laser Etched onto the Outer or Inside of the door for a modest service charge and Additional Emblems are also available on special request. Please send black and white artwork for a free price quote.
  • PermaFrames are uniquely capable of preserving a copy of your all-time favorite photograph right at the gravesite – guaranteed safe from all the elements – thanks to their patented design and creation from space age materials!
  • The frame’s ruggedly hinged door permits private viewing as well as protection from sunlight – and is easily personalized with favorite engraved sentiments and symbols – outside and in.
  • Should your photo need retouching or restoration – our craftsmen do masterful work at reasonable rates.
  • Pet Lovers, too, have discovered PermaFrame to be the Ultimate tribute to their faithful companions.

PermaFrame’s Unconditional Guarantee

Replaced Free – if ever Damaged or Vandalized. If the frame or photo is ever damaged or vandalized, PermaFrame will replace it with a brand new standard frame and photo free, excluding shipping and handling, upon return of any fragment of the original frame. Our Guarantee gives you the peace of mind of knowing a free frame and photo will be sent despite accident or vandalism – your assurance you and your family will enjoy this visual remembrance for generations to come.

Jonathan D. Yesbick


Add Special Touches to your PermaFrame!









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  • Optional Door Symbols, Sentiments and Laser-Etched Emblems
  • These and any special symbols of your choosing are available for engraving on the Outside and Inside of the Door for a modest upcharge.
  • Laser-Etched Inscriptions
  • Your very special inscriptions, names, emblems, poems, verses and sentiments can be accommodated within the available space.
  • Sentiments & Inscriptions
  • Select from our Standard Sentiments, or create your own. Some customers inscribe entire prayers and poems on the inside of the door.

Standard Sentiments

  • My/Our Beloved
  • Parents, Mom, Dad. Wife, etc.
  • In Loving Memory
  • Together Forever

Customized Examples

  • World’s Greatest Coach
  • Our Beloved Angel
  • You Brought Joy to Our Hearts
  • Favorite Prayer, Poem, etc.

Customized Sentiments in the Language of Your Choice. Customer must supply accurate spelling.

Keep memories alive......

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