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  • PermaFrame offers a complete package to ...
  • PermaFrames & PermaPorcelains may be purchased at reasonable prices from the company’s worldwide network of thousands of dealers. There you will find actual samples of PermaFrames and PermaPorcelains – as well as our PermaPair combination. Equally important, you’ll find literature depicting our full range of products, including an array of PermaPorcelains too vast for inclusion in this Web site. We urge you to call your local Monument Dealer, Funeral Home or Cemetery to learn if they handle our products. If you are not successful, please call us at 1-800-557-3762 for the location of your nearest dealer. Or email us at info@permaframe.com and we will respond to whatever questions you have. You – and your family – will be glad you made the effort!
  • Can you refer me to a local PermaFrame distributor?
  • Yes. We service over 10,000 dealers worldwide. Please e-mail us and our local dealer will contact you.
  • Can PermaFrame be used on stone, bronze, upright, or ground-level monuments?
  • Yes. It can be used on any smooth, dry surface including mausoleum niches and urns.
  • Will you return my photo?
  • Yes. PermaFrame will return your original photo intact. A negative will be made and kept on file in our fireproof vault for any future needs.
  • Is there an extra charge for 2 or more people in a photo?
  • No extra charge.
  • Who installs the PermaFrame?
  • You or your authorized PermaFrame dealer can install PermaFrame on any smooth, dry surface in temperatures ranging from 32†F-90†F.
  • Is there an extra charge for color or black & white photos?
  • No extra charge.
  • How long does it take to receive my PermaFrame?
  • Upon receipt of your order, our regular delivery date is approximately 10 working days. Any special options may take longer, but usually no longer than 3 weeks.
  • Are PermaFrames used on pets' monuments?
  • Yes. We service over 100 pet cemeteries. Please contact us for the dealer in your area. Click here to view our pet page.
  • What size photo do we send?
  • PermaFrame will reduce or enlarge your most cherished photo, regardless of size, to fit into the frame size you have selected, at no extra charge. Please do not cut or mark on original photo.
  • Is it better to send a vertical or horizontal photo?
  • Both can be used. It is best to send a horizontal photo for a horizontal frame or a vertical photo for a vertical frame. Please send the highest-quality photo possible. We can retouch it for you if necessary.
  • Does PermaFrame offer photo restoration?
  • Yes. Please send us your photo for a special quote at a price everyone can afford. Click here to view our "before and after" restoration example.
  • Is there a guarantee?
  • Yes, an unconditional guarantee, even against vandalism and equipment damage. Click here to see our Guarantee.
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