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For the ultimate in Protection & Personalization … consider our PermaPair

More and more customers are achieving the ultimate in excellent taste along with extraordinary protection, by combining the best of both worlds: Selecting our PermaPorcelain for the reproduction of their keepsake photo – and then encasing it within an indestructible PermaFrame!

Start with a beautiful PermaPorcelain ceramic Oval or Rectangle …and protect it from potential lawn maintenance damage by enclosing it in a handsome PermaFrame frame and cover in your choice of finishes: Gray, Bronze, Gold or White.

Hinged-Door PermaFrame Covers of unbreakable Lexan® ideally complement PermaPorcelain Models 105 (Oval) and 115 (Rectangle). The addition of the PermaFrame Door provides the opportunity to add that all important personalization – via engraved symbols and sentiments – otherwise impossible to convey on your ceramic medallion!

We do Wonders for Photos – Old & New!

Whether intended for a PermaFrame or PermaPorcelain –our craftsmen will bring that faded, torn or cracked old black-and-white -- or full-color photo -- back to life.

And that’s just the beginning of what can be achieved with today’s digital photo magic! Eliminate people from an existing photo. Add people. Reverse people. Switch colors of their clothing. Create a missing arm. Select your preferred background color. All of this – and more! Just discuss changes you would like to make with your Dealer, who can obtain a quotation from us.

We will send you a print of the restored photo for framing at home – along with your original keepsake photo – as part of our service!

Your photo is always on file at PermaFrame, Inc.

The company retains a negative and print of your photo in its fireproof vault – in the unlikely event it ever becomes necessary to replace it under your PermaFrame or PermaPorcelain Guarantee. Should you ever lose your copy – you can always order a replacement from us!

Keep memories alive......

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